About us

Maria Malki Cosmetics

Maria Malki Cosmetics was founded by owner Maria-Nane Malki (Heerlen, August 22, 1990).

During her career as a make-up artist, Maria launched her own make-up tools & eyelashes. Maria started her career as a make-up artist in 2015. She took various courses and workshops abroad, including trainings in Qatar and Paris, to build up a worldwide experience and being able to master various styles and techniques.

Later on, she decided to share her knowledge with her own students through courses and masterclasses. Eventually this has led to the idea of ​​launching her own beauty brand in 2018. Consisting of a range of beauty products and tools – all with a touch of pink.

Our focus on quality

With a touch of pink

She doesn’t agree with products being just ‘fine’, so we are testing and adjusting until the product meets the standards of Maria herself, perfection. Each one designed to be game-changing, so that the products can fill up a gap in the cosmetics industry. Started with eyelashes, because there was a lot of demand for them at the time, the Maria Malki collection has now been expanded with actual beauty icons, including the magic liner that ensures perfect and easy application of false eyelashes & the Be Glassy highlighter that provides a buttery soft formula for a spectacular result.

In short: A brand with beautiful beauty products developed by someone with experience. A brand you can trust! In addition, all Maria Malki Cosmetics products are completely Cruelty Free & Vegan.

“ There is no secret ingredient in the recipe for success. Work hard, grab opportunities and follow your passion.”