Deluxe Lash Curler


  • Lift your lashes and create the perfect curl
  • Easy to clean
  • Hooded eyelids? No problem, this curler is perfect for you too!
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Special comb spreads/divides the lashes while curling, fluffy lashes guaranteed!
  • This curler is suitable for all eye shapes
  • Famous pink design in the colors of Maria Malki Cosmetics
  • Extra eyelash pad included
  • Non-Crimping


We can hear you think, another lash curler, nothing special right?

Surprise, Surprise!

This curler is the first matte, soft pink curler inside of Europe (spray paint technology). In addition, it is equipped with a small comb that ensures that your lashes being separated from each other. Applying mascara after curling your lashes is a piece of cake as the lashes are already beautifully separated and curled. The curler is a perfect match for all eye shapes to give your lashes the perfect curl. The ergonomic design ensures a good grip. The silicone pad is flexible and soft so that it can’t damage your natural lashes. An extra lash pad is included so that it can be replaced when necessary. This is really your MUST have tool for fluffy and curly lashes.


  1. Simply place the curler onto your eyelid.
  2. Position the curler at the base of your natural lashes.
  3. Gently squeeze as you move up towards the end of your lashes.
  4. Do not apply excessive force.
  5. Repeat if needed & move on to the other eye


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