Loose Eyeshadow Pigment 14


  • Cruelty free/vegan
  • Pigment 14 is a beautiful purple/magenta duo Chrome pigment
  • Ultra blendable
  • For the best results: apply a pigment primer and slightly damp your brush by using a setting spray. For the chunky glitter pigments, we advise you to work with a glitter primer or glitter glue
  • Mega pigmented
  • Possibility to mix all colors


Maria Malki pigments are highly pigmented loose eyeshadow pigments! The formula makes it easy to blend them nice and smooth. 

Color description: Pigment 14 is a beautiful purple/magenta duo Chrome pigment and goes very well with browns, purples, and pink.

How to apply

Use a good eyeshadow primer, pigment primer or glitter primer. This way the pigment will last much longer, and colors will be even more pigmented! 

Apply the pigment with brush number 8 or 10. Brush number 8 is a normal flat eyeshadow brush and brush number 10 is a small detail brush. 

Pour a small amount of pigment inside the lid of the packaging and spray your brush lightly with a setting spray so that it is a bit damp.

Lightly dab your brush a few times into the lid and tap of the excess powder before applying the pigment. Apply the pigment by making dabbing movements. If preferred, you may also use your fingers.


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