Make-up Brush Set Eyes


This Set includes:

  • 11 pc Pink Brush Set for Eyes, Vegan silky pouch, Beautiful Box
  • Brush Guide


The Maria Malki Cosmetics Eye Brush Set combines 11 of the most popular eye brushes for Professional and Private use. The brushes are all handmade, they feel soft on the skin. With a soft pink color theme and the wide variety of brushes, this collection has a brush for every purpose. The bristles are made of Crystal fiber, specially designed for creams, gels and powders. Each set comes in a beautiful vegan satin bag, a beautiful box and a brush guide. All brushes are completely cruelty free & vegan (peta certified).

Our suggestion: Please Clean your brushes once a week with our special brush & sponge cleansing soap for optimal results.

This set contains

Brush number 6: Eyeshadow Blending Brush Medium

To apply and blend eyeshadow.

Brush number 8: Flat Eyeshadow Brush

To apply eyeshadow. Perfect to apply eyeshadows/pigments with shimmer or glitter and/or matte eyeshadows. (Perfect brush to apply our loose pigments)

Brush number 9: Small Detail Eyeshadow Brush

To apply/smudge out eyeshadow (especially for the lower eyelid). Also perfect for applying highlighter to the brow bone & inner corners of the eyes.

Brush number 10: 10 Small Detail Brush

To apply highlighter on to the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eye. Also, nice to apply eyeshadow close to the waterline & to apply our eyeshadow pigments/glitter.

Brush number 11: Small Blending Brush

To apply and blend eyeshadow, this brush is perfect for more detailed work.

Brush number 12: Blending Brush Large

To apply and blend eyeshadow. This brush can also be used to apply highlighter.

Brush number 13: Smudger Brush

For applying eyeshadow close to the waterline of the lower lid.

Brush number 14: Concealer Brush

Brush to apply concealer and/or a color corrector. Also, perfect to create a cut crease (technique used for applying eyeshadow).

Brush number 16: Eyebrow Brush

Brush to apply eyebrow products (both for powders and liquid/cream products), while the spooley brush at the other end enables you to tidy any errant brow hairs and gently blur your brow product for a natural finish.

Brush number 17: Eyeliner & detail brush

To apply eyeliner and/or small details (artistic lines and shapes).

Brush number 18: Eyeliner Brush Angled

To apply eyeliner and/or brow products.


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